The Future of Shopping and the Benefits of Data-Driven Decision-Making

    In a podcast, McKinsey partner Bo Finneman and associate partner Emma Spagnuolo discuss the future of shopping. The benefits of online shopping are discussed, including the positive impact on health and cognitive function, and the need to understand the changing nature of consumers. The podcast also includes interviews with millennials and Gen Z to better […]

    How to Shop Smart for Health and Happiness

    According to a 2007 study, the pleasure of browsing can increase our happiness levels. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good, is released in the brain when you’re contemplating buying something. The pleasure we experience from browsing and purchasing can make us feel sad, and we can get distracted and give in to impulse […]

    Apple Watch vs Fitbit

    Apple’s smartwatch as well as Fitbit are trendy but expensive accessories. Although the crowd of fans of the brand does not stop it. Those who can afford such a watch get a functional device with an abundance of various options for their money. The Main Advantages of Apple Watch In the Apple Watch app on […]

    Best Android Tablets in the World

    The era of super popular tablets has gone a few years ago with the advent of relatively cheap smartphones with a large screen diagonal. Nevertheless, tablet computers continue to be used by those who lack the “standard” 6-7 inches of a smartphone screen for work or entertainment. Together we will selects the best tablets of […]

    Best Customer Feedback Tools

    In the era of dominant business strategy, in which the product is developed before the company defines its market (the so-called product-led era), listening to the opinion of buyers is more important than ever. And if you are not doing it yet (or you are not doing it enough), in this article you will find […]

    Where To Buy Science Supplies for classroom needs

    This is a quick trip down memory lane to remind ourselves why science is so important in the first place. You’ll enjoy this site! Are you in need of science and art supplies? How about biological supplies and kits? Of course, you’ll also want some shelves and cabinets for the home. But, where to buy […]

    Affordable Care Act – What You Should Know About Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Plans

    Shopping for coverage prior to Open Enrollment starts on Nov. 1st. “Pre-Open Enrollment” allows individuals and families to determine their health needs and select affordable health plans offered by insurance companies. There’s nothing like the peace of mind obtained from affordable health coverage knowing you’ve made the important decisions regarding your health. Now, Nevadans are […]

    DNA Purification

    DNA Purification Processes For Different Applications

    DNA Purification is one of the most commonly applied techniques in biological laboratories worldwide. Before, it used to be the job of a pathologist to isolate the DNA from dead bodies. The first successful isolation of DNA was accomplished in 1869 by German physician Alfred J. Miescher. Now it is an established standard procedure in […]

    Gene Synthesis

    Gene Synthesis and Transcription Processes

    Artificial gene synthesis, or genetic gene synthesis, refers to an area of biotechnology which uses complex methods to build and assemble genetically encoded sequences from randomly chosen nucleotides without the use of living cells. The term ‘genetically encoded’ (GEN) is popular because genetic sequences can be altered by introducing change either at the site of […]

    PCR Reagents

    Different Types of PCR Reagents

    Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method for producing DNA fragments from any DNA source that can be replicated by PCR reactions. The DNA sequence isolated in this reaction is identical to the sequence of natural DNA. Different DNA applications, such as cloning and repairing DNA errors, require different sets of primer/ PCR mix and […]