Apple Watch vs Fitbit

Apple’s smartwatch as well as Fitbit are trendy but expensive accessories. Although the crowd of fans of the brand does not stop it. Those who can afford such a watch get a functional device with an abundance of various options for their money.

The Main Advantages of Apple Watch

In the Apple Watch app on iPhone, you can choose watch settings and options, and set up Apple Pay for Apple Watch. Through this program, you get access to the App Store, from where you can download and install programs for the Apple Watch. For the App Store, see Using and Organizing Programs.

The watch comes in an all-white dust jacket with a black Apple logo and the Word Watch. For comparison – the Apple Watch Series 6 logo and Watch were simply squeezed out, and this, of course, made a special impression. Inside the dust jacket, there are two boxes: one contains the watch and the charger itself, and the other contains a strap. In the kit that we had on testing, a regular silicone strap is presented, which does not differ from that of previous generations of watches. The Watch Series 6 had everything the same.

The manufacturer also does not remain “in debt”, regularly releasing new series of the gadget. Accessories of 1, 2, 3, and 4 series have already seen the light. Visually, no special differences are visible and an ordinary buyer simply falls into a “stupor” at the sight of such an abundance. Is there any difference at all? A comparison of Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, and 4 will tell you the answer.

Fitbit in Comparison with Apple Watch

When Fitbit released its Ionic wearable last year, it was a bit of a disappointment. While it did an excellent job of fitness tracking with multi-day battery life and real-time workouts as expected, it was more than impressive as a smartwatch. Too big to be liked by anyone other than bulky athletes, the Ionic and its app-lacking Fitbit OS were probably at the start of a long job:

  1. With them, you will always know how many steps you took and burned calories, as well as your heart rate.
  2. The watch has a GPS/GLONASS module that allows you to accurately record information about the route traveled.
  3. Thanks to the support of wireless communication, you can receive incoming calls and SMS messages on your smartphone.
  4. The watch is equipped with an audio player that allows you to listen to music while exercising.
  5. The gadget is reliably protected from moisture, so you can swim with it in the pool and even dive underwater to a depth of 50 m.

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Visually repeated the design of the “sapphire” version. The same rectangular body, albeit made of aluminum, and a futuristic design. The color could be chosen to suit any desires: gray, pink, gold, silver. The model differed only in a silicone strap and a glass (Ion-X) surface on the dial. All watches had an all-metal clasp, and there was a heart rate sensor on the back of the case.