Gene Synthesis

    Gene Synthesis and Transcription Processes

    Artificial gene synthesis, or genetic gene synthesis, refers to an area of biotechnology which uses complex methods to build and assemble genetically encoded sequences from randomly chosen nucleotides without the use of living cells. The term ‘genetically encoded’ (GEN) is popular because genetic sequences can be altered by introducing change either at the site of […]

    PCR Reagents

    Different Types of PCR Reagents

    Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method for producing DNA fragments from any DNA source that can be replicated by PCR reactions. The DNA sequence isolated in this reaction is identical to the sequence of natural DNA. Different DNA applications, such as cloning and repairing DNA errors, require different sets of primer/ PCR mix and […]

    Science Products Available

    Types of Science Products Available

    Do you have any idea how many science supplies you will need for your child to learn and practice science activities? It can be very difficult, in this age where almost everything we use is electronic, to not have any science supplies available. Science supplies are available in all shapes and sizes. In your local […]

    Science Supplies For Students

    Kids love science fair projects, and the best way to encourage them to participate is with science supplies. Whether it’s a science fair project that you develop or just a simple activity to get them to learn more, science supplies are a great way to get the job done and to show them just how […]